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Pfizer had originally developed Viagra™ for treating a heart disease called angina. But during its trial studies, they noticed the erection-enhancing effects on the penis, brought about by this chemical drug. Being the first drug for treating erectile dysfunction in men, they opted to sell this drug in the United States initially. However, Viagra™ became a threat to the lives of its users by causing dreadful side-effects instead of being an effective solution for ED. Viagra™ began losing its unique status in the penile health industry when numerous horrifying reports of blindness & hearing loss started being recorded. This prompted the FDA to warn Pfizer into incorporating a note of caution on their labels for Viagra™ to alert its users. This also paved the way for many anti-impotence drugs to enter the penile health industry to either compete or even substitute Viagra™. NiagraX emerged to be the most victorious amongst all such drugs for erectile dysfunction.

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  1. Maximizes sexual desire
  2. Improves sexual stamina and self-confidence
  3. Delivers longer, thicker, firmer and more powerful erections
  4. Works within 30 minutes and acts for as long as 24 hours.
  5. Augments sexual dexterity for nonstop performance
  6. Takes care of all your erectile dysfunction without nasty side effects
  7. Cost effective remedy
  8. 100% safe and effective solution for Erectile Dysfunction
  9. Enables to score on multiple attempts
  10. A brilliant formulation supported by meticulous research

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Medical Professionals

NiagraX is the only natural & a safe remedy that ensures rock hard erections on command. With NiagraX you can assure yourself with a ceaseless sexual experience. That's why customers started to name it "natural viagra alternative" as well.

Medical professionals across the globe have recommended and placed their trust on a NiagraX & as they explore the science behind this outstanding formula they states that:

Herbal Ingredients

"NiagraX is a perfect blend of the right herbal ingredients & is hence the best option for enhancing sexual experience. The ingredients in NiagraX works efficiently to bring up the plasma level to its peak within a span of 30 minutes. As a result you get a firm & hard erections without any side-effects."


"....In a comprehensive survey conducted in Europe on a significant number of subjects between 30 and 60 years of age, 56% men preferred NiagraX over Viagra™, Cialis™ & Levitra™...."

Product Evaluation Chart for Anti-Impotence Formulas

Product Professional Recommendation Customer Satisfaction Sexual Performance Product Efficiency Side–Effects
NiagraX Recommended & Approved High Very Good Good Nil
Viagra™ Recommended High Outstanding Average Dreadful
Cialis™ Recommended Good Good Good Many
Levitra™ Recommended Good Good Good Many
Passion Rx™ Not approved Poor Fair Poor Few
Orex+™ Not Recommended Very poor Poor Poor None
VigrX™ Not Recommended & Approved Unsatisfactory Very poor Ineffective None

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Medical Professionals across the world consider NiagraX as the most successful remedy amongst top-notch ED pills. It has outshone Viagra™ in penile health section in various ways.

has been formulated using the highest quality of natural ingredients designed to ensure maximum sexual pleasure. The superiority of this formula lies in its finest herbs which have been tested time and again by our medical experts. Each ingredient has immense capability to wipe out Erectyle Dysfunction from its root and ameliorate sexual life for a new beginning. NiagraX boosts your sexual parameter to infinity, thus giving more than you've ever desired in your life.

NiagraX Customer Feedback
"Fantastic herbal formula for extraordinary sexual power."

My fiancé was below than average when it came to his 'staying power' in bed. It wasn't an easy task to tell him the truth because he tried his best to make me happy. I could only tell him that he was doing a good job so it doesn't dishearten him. We've been engaged for about a year but on my birthday I couldn't help but be disappointed and told him know the truth. He was totally shaken by my words and rushed the next day to consult a doctor. His doctor recommended him a fantastic herbal formula-NiagraX for extraordinary sexual power. Now I'm happy to say that this has been a wonderful month for us. His staying power has increased extremely with NiagraX. Thanks for making our sex life enjoyable.

Frit J, Cape Town

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NiagraX Performance

Medical experts at the NaturalMedis laboratory in Germany conducted an extensive research on men’s penile health in the year 2006-07. Two sets of 14 middle-aged men were given an assortment of anti-impotence drugs like Viagra™ & NiagraX each before a sexual act. The clinical reports of NiagraX’s efficacy were quoted as unbelievable. The subjects with NiagraX experienced a high level of sexual intensity for as long as 24 hours. But the subjects using Viagra™ showed comparatively lesser sexual arousal which lasted for a shorter duration. Observations also confirmed shorter duration of erections in ED drugs like Cialis™ & Levitra™ in comparison to NiagraX. They found in this research that NiagraX gives immense sexual stamina to last for hours incessantly. NiagraX also showed noteworthy changes in the subject like decreased fear during sexual intercourse, increased sexual intimacy and firmer, stiffer erections on command. The medical experts concluded that not only are the effects of NiagraX absolutely indisputable, but it is also by far the most effective solution for ED, and is the perfect replacement for Viagra™ because of the absence of awful side effects.

Dr. Marcus L. Cohon, M.S., Ph.D., M.S.I.A., B.F.A says...

Doctor Feedback on NiagraX

Hi, I’m Dr. Marcus and I’m one of the doctors who conducted a study on NiagraX in NaturalMedis lab, Germany. The main focus of our study was to prepare the best herbal remedy which could successfully combat Erectile Dysfunction without causing any harm to the regular functions of the organs. With the increase of sexual dysfunction in both old as well as young men, chemical drugs like Viagra™, Cialis™ & Levitra™ are becoming more common. They might increase sexual stamina but cause permanent disorders in men like blindness NAION (Nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic & lot more. Thus our extensive research neuropathy), tinnitus (ringing in the ears), vertigo (spinning sensation), dizziness of 5 years had resulted in such a formula that can cure Erectile Dysfunction naturally and ensure optimal health.

NiagraX is a brilliant innovation which gives men a safe alternative to harmful chemical drugs. The herbs contained in each capsule are safe and have been used since thousands of years as potential sex boosters in men. I assert that NiagraX is the best solution for male impotency and am proud to endorse this great formula.

"NiagraX pills stamp out All Ed Formulas on this planet..."
Challenges Top ED chemical drug manufacturers by its effectiveness!

Naturomeds, the world leader in alternative medicines has always been successful in giving humans the right solution for better health & wellbeing. Our invention - NiagraX - is the best natural remedy for erectile dysfunction to be ever formulated thus far. Compiling years of extensive research, laboratory experiments & numerous clinical trials have enabled our scientists to formulate the most effective solution for male impotency. During our years of extensive research we also observed the dreadful side-effects of the chemical drugs for ED. These drugs can cause permanent damage to your health and can cause severe complications in your body.

So do you want to risk your life taking these chemical medications? Most definitely not!! A number of alternative medications for ED promise a lot of things to its users but only a few genuine medications like NiagraX prove to be effective. Our best use of modern science & technology has enabled us to formulate a remedy for ED that is not only effective but also 100% safe. Our clinical trials on NiagraX have shown an enormous increase in sexual dexterity in men. The supreme aphrodisiac properties of the constituents of NiagraX work in men who want to augment their sexual impulse, without any trace of side-effects.

NiagraX Usage Graph

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Hi My name is Kyle & I'm from Amsterdam. I'm
married for the past 10 yrs now. I started taking
NiagraX pills 4 weeks ago and the results have been phenomenal. My wife is happier & that makes me feel more confident & energetic.

Must say, “NiagraX is a UNIQUE and Complete solution to all men’s problems that are seen in men with increasing age. Thanks for giving me my youthfulness back.”

Before using NiagraX pills, my sex life was dry and we never had the energy to do it as well.

Today after using NiagraX, my confidence and self belief is back! Thanks to NiagraX pills!

NiagraX has shown the way to a memorable & everlasting experience.

The medical fraternity has highly recommended the
natural way out from chemical threats.

NO! More Threats! NO! Side Effects!

"Opt for a safer and a longer
lasting experience with NiagraX."

I've been on the NiagraX Research & Development panel & proudly can state that NiagraX has the perfect formula to get back your sexual desires. In today’s fast moving consumer driven world, the average person has to face a lot of stress to cope up with his daily routine. NiagraX gives you the advantage of a perfect natural alternative rather than using chemical drugs like Viagra™, Cialis™ or Levitra™. The reason why I chose to be part of the Naturomeds family, i.e. NiagraX was that their formula was entirely natural & had no side effects. I asked my peers to start using the medication, after a few days, I asked them their experience after the use. I couldn't believe that NiagraX actually changed their life & made their sexual experience much better. I would advice everybody to stop risking your health & wasting your money on synthetic drugs that does more harm than good & opt for a safer & healthier option like NiagraX.18 till you die. Bring back that life back. Choose NiagraX.

Dr. Gerry Richardson. MD


As you can see that esteemed medical fraternity endorse natural viagra NiagraX as the ultimate natural & safe remedy for erectile problems. So there can be no doubt about its effectiveness. The ingredients of the NiagraX are of first-rate quality that efficiently eradicates all erectile dysfunction in a safe & easy manner. NiagraX works in less than 30 minutes by bringing the plasma level to its peak. The formulation of NiagraX contains elements which release substances in varying intervals so that you can perform for an extended period.

So Get Your Confidence Back with NiagraX

has succeeded in bringing about a drastic change in the sphere of herbal alternatives for Men’s sexual health and wellbeing. Its outstanding effectiveness in upgrading men’s sexual health has astounded the leading chemical drug manufacturers in the penile health section. NiagraX pills have not only been helping thousands of men across the globe to combat with their erectile problems but have also lends a helping hand to those who want to enhance their sexual life to a great extent.

Considering your health as our first priority, through our years of scientific research & extensive studies we not only have become successful in offering an effective remedy, but also a safe & cost-effective solution. Numerous clinical trails that were conducted on NiagraX had shown positive results but we had undergone several circumstances to achieve a reputation as the most effective herbal remedy for ED. Outshining in the penile health industry was only an easy task for NiagraX through its efficacy. In today’s world NiagraX is not only recognized as the world class solution for erectile dysfunction but it has also become the most effective & user friendly solution for men.

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